Statement and demands of protesting women during speak-out

Statement and demands of protesting women during speakout

Date: [05-02-1985]

About 250 women gathered on Wriston Quad to speak out about sexual harassment and sexual assault on Brown’s campus. They called out the Greek fraternities on campus and all individuals who are complicit to the sexual violence that they are a bystander to. They also issued a set of demands to the University.


1985 Black and Third World Student Demands

Date: [ 04-05-1985]

Black, Asian, and Latino students gathered at the John Carter Brown Library to call attention to the unmet demands of ’68 and ’75. Their demands addressed minority faculty, minority admissions, financial aid, and student support services. The demands were also the boiling point of a series of racial incidents that occurred at Brown over several years and that the University failed to address.

1975 Demands-OUAP

1975 Demands-OUAP

Date: [03-14-1975]

The Organization of United African People, formerly the Afro-American Society issued a set of demands to reiterate the original demands of 1968 that had still been unmet. Black students also called for the University to demonstrate its commitment to the Black community.